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This will be our last post at this address, please come visit us at our new home: http://blogs.lisluanda.com/seclibrary/

Welcome back to a brand new school year! Ms. Katy and Mr. Manuel are so happy you’re here. The library is boring without you all…

Please remember a few basics to have a GREAT year in the secondary library:

Where we’re at! We have a new url, so update your bookmarks: http://blogs.lisluanda.com/seclibrary/. You can find our LIS Research Portal under the Research tab, access reading reviews by students and learn about what’s going on in the secondary library.

When we’re here! We are open everyday from 7:15-4:00. You are welcome in the library before school, during break and lunch, and after school to read, write, study, socialize or just hang out. This is YOUR library, so come on in and make it your space!

“How” we are! Respect. That’s it. You can eat in here, is you clean up after yourself and are respectful to your classmates. You can borrow more than our usual limit if you need to, as long as you’re respectful about returning your materials on time and only taking what you need. You can use the computers for fun stuff as long as you’re respectful about letting academic needs come first.

Ms. Katy and Mr. Manuel are really excited about this school year, and we hope you are too. Come by the library today to say hi, check out a book and spend some time with your classmates.


Tech Tuesday: Top 10 Tech Tools For Your Break

  1. Twitter: Seriously, getting on Twitter and using it for professional purposes is the single best move you can make to improve teaching and learning.  Here are educators to follow on Twitter, a guide to educational hashtags and an introduction to twitter for newbies.
  2. Professional Communities Online – EdWeb.net, Connected Educator Ning, Future of Education, Classroom 2.0, The Educator’s PLN
  3. Webinars: Check out ASCD’s free webinars archive, Google Apps for Education webinars, Education Week Webinars, Open Education Week Archived Webinars
  4. Google+ Communities – Google Apps for Education, Gamification in Education, Physics Education, Minecraft in Education, 20% Time
  5. Blogs & RSS Readers – Try Feedly, Flipboard, The Old Reader 
  6. Social Bookmarking and Curated Collections- Diigo (K-12 Education groups), Pintrest and ScoopIt
  7. Online Book Club – Simple as GoodReads, complex as Book Club 106, or get picky with something subject specific like Level Up Book Club
  8. Follow “Summer” Conferences online – ISTE for example. They even have their own Ning.  Of course, who needs that when you can read their Tweets? Seriously, just get on Twitter.
  9. TED-Ed & Ted Talks
  10. Learn to Code.org

LIS Reads – LIS Lê: 2013-2014

How excited is your librarian about this blog post? Oooohhhh, about this excited:

LIS Reads – LIS Lê is Coming!!!!

It is my pleasure to announce that for the 2013-2014 school year, the LIS libraries will be coming together to bring you LIS Reads-LIS Lê. Ms. Katy and Ms. Kerrie-Anne have been working hard to select books and plan activities to bring the entire LIS community together for a year of reading! Check out the explanation in the letter we’re sending out to parents, teachers and students.

WONDERWe will start on September 6th with a kick-off party to celebrate our whole school read for the month of September of Wonder by R.J. Palacio.  As this book is not appropriate for some of the youngest members of our community, we have also selected an alternate read for them: Oh No, George! by Chris Haughton.  For our community members who prefer to read em Português, the alternate read for September is Uma Questão de Cor by Ana Saldanha. In each month that follows, there are book options in English and Portuguese for the different levels and interests level of the school.  You can see the secondary selections below.

Thanks to the generosity of the LIS PTA, the libraries will have several copies of each book for our community members to borrow; however, if you are traveling over this June-August break, we hope you will pick up copies for yourself and your family.  

Year 6: Transitions Wiki

Year 6 students  are currently researching transitions as part of their final Unit of Inquiry before moving onto the MYP.  As a year level, they will build a wiki to share their knowledge with the world.  Don’t know what a wiki is? Watch this Common Craft video called “Wikis in Plain English“.

Ready to start your research? Visit

Ready to start building your wiki? Go to your Year 6 Transitions Wiki:

Check back in three weeks to see our final products!

Book Review: I Am Number Four

“Three Are Dead”


Get ready for some sci-fi that will blow your mind! In this book we accompany one of Lorien’s chosen ones which were sent to earth to someday restore their planet and race. His name is Number 4, although we may know him as Daniel Jones or John Smith. He was sent to Earth along with 9 other Loriens, all who have special powers which will one day restore their earth. Only problem is that the race that attacked and exterminated most of their species, the Mogadorians, are looking for them. Thankfully one of the elders from Lorien cast a powerful protective spell that guaranties that they can only be killed in the order of their numbers. Number 1 was killed in Malaysia, Number 2 in England and Number 3 in Kenya. He is Number 4, and he is next…

I strongly recommend this book to all readers who enjoy action, sci-fi, mystery and romance. You can count on my word that this book will keep you entertained the whole time and that you will want to read it again, just for the pleasure. So if would like to see some alien butt being kicked (as well as some jerk’s butt), then this is the book for you.

AbelAvatarSince I believe that you will like this book a lot then I will recommend you read the rest of the series:

  • Book 1: I Am Number Four
  • Book 2: The Power of the Six
  • Book 3: The Rise of Nine
  • Book 4: The Fall of Five – Coming out in August of 2013

Note: This book is available at the library! You can also buy it for your Kindle or on iTunes.

– Review by Abel E., year 12

iMovie Tutorial: Add Music to your iMovie!

Are you working on your book trailer in iMovie?  Use our short tutorials to help you make your project fantastic!  We’ve already shown you how to add photos to your iMovie, so this screen cast will show you how to add music to your iMovie.    Check back here, as we are going to post more screen casts soon.

Adding Music to your iMovie

Book Review: The Lost Hero



LostHeroCoverCamp Half Blood is back with new adventures for the fans of Percy Jackson! This time we meet three new demigods, Jason, Piper and Leo. One day Jason wakes up and can’t remember anything, while his two friends Piper (who is his girlfriend) and Leo are shocked. That’s not the end, because several days later they figure out they are demigods and that they must save the world by rescuing the great goddess Hera! Not only that, but they seem to be part of the next Big Prophecy! These three new heroes will meet many new friendly gods and some which are not so friendly.

For those people that enjoy adventures filled with mystery and action, or for those who wish to see new and old demigods kick some monster butt, this is the book for you! I highly recommend this book; it is filled with mystery and action, it will keep you at the edge of your chair, and even stop you from sleeping at night.

AbelAvatarIf you like this book then I suggest you read the rest of the series:

  • Book 1: The Lost Hero
  • Book 2: The Son of Neptune 
  • Book 3: The Mark of Athena – Coming out in July 2013
  • Book 4: The House of Hades – Coming out in October 2013
  • Book 5: Coming out in 2014!

Review by Abel E., Year 10

This book will be available in the Secondary Library in September when the new book shipment arrives.  Until then, you can purchase these books online as an eBook through Amazon and iTunes.