Evaluating Resources for C.R.A.A.P.

Today, Mr. Beckett’s English 11 class came to the secondary library for an introduction to our Research Resources and evaluating resources for reliability.

Year 11 English students, you found one resource related to themes in The Heart of Darkness and evaluated it using the C.R.A.P. method.  Please post a reply here explaining how your resource relates to your topic and how your resource fared on the C.R.A.A.P. evaluation method.

Don’t forget to include the link to the specific resource (or the path of how to get there) and  you first name in the reply.

Thank you,

Ms. Katy


11 thoughts on “Evaluating Resources for C.R.A.A.P.

    • Hi Gloria,

      Thank you for your response. I think that the point you mentioned is a good way to analyze “Purpose and Relevancy”. If the website you visited isn’t mainly about evil in Heart of Darkness, this may not be the best option for you. How about Currency and Authority? Could you figure out when it was last updated? What about who wrote it? Are they experts in their field?

      I would like to visit the website you analyzed. Could you reply to my comment and share the url with me? Come see me int he library if you need help with this.

      Thank you,
      Ms. Katy

  1. The post that I found is recent, I can see who wrote it but I can’t find his credentials so I don’t know if I should trust this post. The post is about “The Ultimate meaning of Heart of Darkness”, but It’s a subjective point of view by the author.

    • Hi Rodrigo,

      It sounds like you are thinking critically about the websites that you’ve found, and that bodes well for your next paper. Could you reply to my comment with the link to the resource you analyzed? I would like to look at what you researched and see how I can best help you all tomorrow.

      Ms. Katy

  2. Well, the post is very recent, I can see who published it, he has experience of being an english teacher since 1968 and back, according to an online library, he has become famous with his past study guides which helped students all over the world, he is self published, but in the sites you can determine who he is, he is not an expert in literature, but he is an english teacher. SO i think this is a valuable and credible resource.

    • Hi Nuno,

      Thank you for your response. I am interested in what you have to say, and I would like to look at the resource myself. Could you please reply to my comment with the link to the resource you evaluated?

      Thank you,
      Ms. Katy

  3. As I showed you, I did some research background on David Siminoff only to find his personal twitter, which showed more of him to be a commercial publisher than an expert on the matter. Shmoop does include very necessary information, and shows great points, but at the same time, doesn’t convince me the most he wrote and analyses it all on his own, maybe because he got information from other websites on evil from heart of darkness. It is not a recent resource and give decent information to discuss and it is biased and very peripheral and just making statements about themes related to the book, but doesn’t seem to be trust worthy.

    • Hi Stephany,

      Thank you for your response. You did some excellent research to discover whether or not this a resource reliable enough to be included in a literary analysis essay. Searching for information to validate authority is really important.

      Could you please reply to this comment with the link that you analyzed?

      Thanks again,
      Ms. Katy

  4. I used sweet search and I found a website called schmoop. The website was a primary source because it used various quotes about madness from the book Heart of Darkness. I couldn’t find the currency but I could see that it had it’s copyright date which was 2012.
    The analysis of Madness quotes were by Ph.D and masters students from Stanford, Harvard, and Berkeley, but we don’t know what their masters are, and we don’t know who the students are, it’s not very specific. It seems like an expert because of the way they explain the quotes in their own words.

  5. The source I found was one volume of a series of books. This particular volume did relate to my thesis statement because it was an analysis on ‘Marlow’s Descent Into Hell’. So it went into the theme of evil and how a character of the Heart of Darkness related to the theme. The analysis was written by Lilian Feder and her perspective so it was a subjective text although her points her points were backed only by facts and no quotes from the book. I could trust her credentials as she’s a instructor in English and Queen’s College Flushing in New York and the book was published by the University of California press.

  6. I used sweet search, which lead me to a website on Schmoop.com, were i found quotes from Heart of Darkness, and a small analysis of what the quote meant. There was no date indicating when this website was published, other than the copyright which said it was renewed in 2012. It also said that these analysis’s were written by Ph.D and Master students from Stanford, Berkley, and Harvard, but didn’t mention the Professors names, or any of the students names, which lead me to believe that it was not as reliable as it seemed. It also failed to say what the students had been studying, so we don’t know if they are even close to being an expert on the topic. Overall I don’t think that this was a very reliable source

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