Read, Watch, & Listen: Digital Stories Around the Web

Why Digital Stories?

“Digital Storytelling is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories. As with traditional storytelling, most digital stories focus on a specific topic and contain a particular point of view. However, as the name implies, digital stories usually contain some mixture of computer-based images, text, recorded audio narration, video clips and/or music. Digital stories can vary in length, but most of the stories used in education typically last between two and ten minutes. The topics that are used in Digital Storytelling range from personal tales to the recounting of historical events, from exploring life in one’s own community to the search for life in other corners of the universe, and literally, everything in between.”

This description comes from the the University of Houston site: The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

Where can I read, watch or listen to digital stories?

International Children’s Digital Library – The ICDL Foundation promotes tolerance and respect for diverse cultures by providing access to the best of children’s literature from around the world.  Check out award winning books from around the world, like The Legend of the Bitter Gourd, a children’s book from the Phillipines.

Vimeo – Visit specific collections, like the CDNIS Digital Storytelling Collection, “a showcase of digital stories created by MYP Year 5 students at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong as part of the MYP Technology Integrated program.”

My favorite is Fly from Crystal Leung on Vimeo.


Storyline Online – The Screen Actor’s Guild Foundation brings you stories read by famous actors!

StoryCorps –  Try listening to “What’s your life like now, Dad?” where two daughters interview their dad about life with Alzheimer’s.


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