Let’s Talk About Copyright!

During the 2008 American presidential campaign, the piece of art below went viral.  Quickly, Shepard Fairey (the artist) starting making money off of this image on bumper stickers, t-shirts, posters and more.

This image was shared in the Huffington Post interview with Shepard Fairey, the artist. Click on the photo to read the article and see the poster.

But What About THIS Photo?

However, soon after it went viral, The Associated Press claimed they owned the photo which inspired Shepard Fairey’s work of art and that they should get the money.  Also, the Obama Poster Photographer Says He Owns the Picture.  What do YOU Think? Who should get the money? Who has the rights to the photo? Who should get credit for the final image?

The Result

Before starting your search for images, do the following:
  1. Watch this Video about Creative CommonsA Shared Culture
  2. Skim through this post to read about Creative Commons LicensesCreative Commons Licenses
  3. Use the sites below to search for Creative Commons Licensed Photos

Creative Commons Media Searchhttp://search.creativecommons.org/

Google Advanced Image Search : http://images.google.com/

  • Click Advanced Image Search
  • Select “Only Images Labeled for Reuse”
  • Use Medium to Strict Filtering

Wikimedia Commons : http://commons.wikimedia.org

  • Search in the upper right hand corner
  • Check Reuse before using
  • Select Only Search Within Creative-Commons licensed content

Other Locations for Free and Fair Use Media


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