Oxford Quick Reference – Introductory Materials

The secondary library has subscribed to Oxford Quick Reference.  It is a resource which provides access to:

  • A collection of over 125 core academic subject, language, and quotations dictionaries providing carefully vetted quick results that users can trust.
  • Monthly updating programme to maintain currency of content.
  • Full content releases 3 times a year with new titles and updated editions.
  • Collection available by annual subscription to individuals and institutions worldwide.

Here’s a short introductory video (less than 10 minutes) that demonstrates how to search OXford Reference effectively and how to navigate the results.

Don’t want to watch the whole video? Visit the PDF version of the Short Introduction and just skim until you get to the parts that interest you.

Important Tip: Don’t forget to check “Full Text Resources” only to access items we’ve purchased. Oxford Reference allows you to purchase additional resources, so only leave “Full Text Resources” unchecked if you want to see resources for purchase as well.




Want to try it out? Visit our LIS Research Portal to access this resource.





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