World Read Aloud Day!

WorldReadAloudDayToday is March 6th, 2013: World Read Aloud Day around the globe.  Readers around the world are raising awareness about the global problem of illiteracy by celebrating WRAD.  Over 793 million people can’t read!  The secondary library doesn’t think this is right, so we’re spreading the word and celebrating reading all day.

Join Our Celebration!

In the morning, secondary school students are visiting primary classrooms to talk to students about WRAD, discuss the importance of reading, and read a story out loud.

ReadingThe secondary library is sponsoring a Secondary Read-In during lunch.  Bring your books! Bring your Comics! Bring your magazines! Bring anything you want as long as you can read it!  Find a cozy spot and snuggle in for a lunch period of reading.

Last, but certainly not least, LIS MYP & DP students celebrated by producing their very own LIS Library Shake Video!  Drop by for the Read-In and stay to watch the premiere of our LIS Library Shake video.

LIS Library Shake


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