Researching with Science in Context

If you need to research a topic related to science in any way, Gale’s Science in Context database is the place for you to start.  You research a specific science topic, and Science in Context brings together magazines, newspapers, podcasts, websites, science experiments, biographies, academic journals, science dictionaries, reference books, and more to give you a contextual view of your topic.  This resource is perfect for questions that require a broad view of a science topic, just like the One World Essays.  It’s also just downright fun to explore.

How do I access it?

  • Sign into the LIS Research Portal using the library password.  See Ms. Katy for the password. 
  • Select Gale Databases and use the password provided on the Research Portal to sign in.
  • Click on Science in Context. DO NOT start searching on the Cross-Searchable products page unless you want to search two databases at once. The results page for cross-searchable products is not as user friendly.
  • Start searching for resources!

How do I navigate it? 

Use the slideshow below to learn the basics of navigating Gale’s Science in Context database.


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