We’ve Moved!

This will be our last post at this address, please come visit us at our new home: http://blogs.lisluanda.com/seclibrary/

Welcome back to a brand new school year! Ms. Katy and Mr. Manuel are so happy you’re here. The library is boring without you all…

Please remember a few basics to have a GREAT year in the secondary library:

Where we’re at! We have a new url, so update your bookmarks: http://blogs.lisluanda.com/seclibrary/. You can find our LIS Research Portal under the Research tab, access reading reviews by students and learn about what’s going on in the secondary library.

When we’re here! We are open everyday from 7:15-4:00. You are welcome in the library before school, during break and lunch, and after school to read, write, study, socialize or just hang out. This is YOUR library, so come on in and make it your space!

“How” we are! Respect. That’s it. You can eat in here, is you clean up after yourself and are respectful to your classmates. You can borrow more than our usual limit if you need to, as long as you’re respectful about returning your materials on time and only taking what you need. You can use the computers for fun stuff as long as you’re respectful about letting academic needs come first.

Ms. Katy and Mr. Manuel are really excited about this school year, and we hope you are too. Come by the library today to say hi, check out a book and spend some time with your classmates.


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