Citation Resources

School Sponsored Citation and Research Tool

NoodleTools – This is a student research platform with Integrated tools for note-takingoutliningcitationdocument archiving/annotation, and collaborative research and writing.  To use this tool, you must create a “personal folder” by clicking the “Create a Personal ID” button on the login screen. You can create an account on any campus computer.  If you want to create your account from home, get the school user name and password from the LIS Research Portal.

Online Citation Machines These websites support you in creating citations, but they are not as comprehensive as our new NoodleTools resource.

  • Son of Citation Machine – You plug in all of your citation information, so this site is more often accurate.  You still need to double check your citation against a citation guide.
  • Easy Bib – This site makes some mistakes because it is more automatic.  Make sure to check your citation before adding it to your bibliography.
  • NoodleTools Lite – The full NoodleTools is a paid for resource, but you can sign up for and use Lite for free. It requires creating an account.

Online Citation Guides

Purdue Online Writing LabMLA Formatting and Style Guide – This is an incredibly detailed website with excellent examples for citations and bibliographies in the MLA style.

Paraphrasing vs. Quoting

The Magical Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism by Kate Hart – This Harry Potter themed infographic makes understanding paraphrasing and citation easy.


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