Pathfinders are resources designed to guide you to reliable resources for your research.  They are certainly NOT all of the resources available on your topic; rather, they are intended to be a jumping off point.  Make sure to explore the shared resources as well as use your knowledge and key words to conduct your own, independent research.

LIS Secondary Library Pathfinders

Diploma Program
DP Research Pathfinder – Extended Essay and Core TOK Project

Refugees and Human Rights – Year 8 English

Gênero Épico – Portuguese A

News Writing: Traditional & Tabloids – English B

Acid Rain – Year 8 Science

Manhattan Project – Year 11 Science

Internal Conflict – Year 10 Humanities

Roman Daily Life – Year 7 Humanities

Intro to Podcasting – Working on a Podcast? Check out these resources and make your podcast Pod-Tas-Tic!


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