Databases: Student Resources in Context & Junior Reference Collection

Why do databases matter? Why can’t we just find everything we want through Search Engines like Google, SweetSearch, Wolfram Alpha and Bing?

Well, estimates are that anywhere from 75%-90% of the information on the Internet is part of the INVISIBLE WEB, or parts of the Internet that Search Engines can’t reach.  This includes (but is definitely not limited to) Intranets, Library Catalogs, Forums, Password protected SItes and Databases! To learn more, watch the Xtranormal Visible vs. Invisible Web animation.

To maximize the effectiveness of our research, we need to utilize the parts of the invisible web available to us.  LIS students and staff can start with the LIS Research Portal, a password-protected page with all of the secondary library resources.

Check out these Introductory Slides on two of our databases.

Get Started with Junior Reference Collection.

Dive into Student Resources in Context.

If you need help using these resources, see your librarian.


Updated E-Reference

Hey LIS Lions!

We’ve got several new trials for you to check out on our E-Reference page.  See Ms. Katy for the usernames and passwords.  These digital libraries and databases will help you find better resources and research more effectively.

Visit today!

The Literary Encyclopedia

We have a trial period from September 10-October 10 2012 to test out The Literary Encyclopedia.  LIS students, teachers and community members can use the Literary Encyclopedia anytime on campus over the next month.  We are trying to decide which e-reference services to purchase, so after you test out The Literary Encyclopedia, please offer your feedback on our Student Survey or Faculty Survey.