Poetry at LIS: Production & Performance

Poetry is meant to be enjoyed, to be tasted, to be worn, to be swum through. As you may have noticed, Ms. Sonia (with some help from Ms. Chloe, Ms. Katy & Mr. Manuel) has put together quite an amazing poetry exhibition.  This year’s theme is “Journeys”.  Come by the library to write your own poem on our magnetic poetry board, share your poetic images and “Like!” your favorite poem.

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Along with the physical LIS Poetry Exhibition, our Performance Poetry page will host recordings of poetry performances by LIS students, as well as point you towards other powerful performances of poetry.  You can hear the poetic stylings of Odila & Sergio as well as Suelvia, Marcelo and Carolina.  These two groups of students have interpreted Lewis Carroll’s The Jabberwocky in a refreshing (and sometimes scary!) new way.

You can also enjoy the poetry performances em Portugues de Ano 7! Check out their video recordings below.

Want to Participate?

  • Record yourself performing a piece of poetry and share the audio/video file with Ms. Katy.  She’ll add it to the Performance Poetry page.  

Language Week 2013: Poetry & Power

We had a fabulous week celebrating “The Power of Language” around the campus of LIS from February 5th-8th. From teaching primary students to participating in the Language Run, secondary school students have thought about the Power of Language everyday this week.

The library got in on the game by hosting a Poetry Coffee House on Wednesday and the Power Reading Hour on Friday.  Students brought pieces to share; some written by themselves, some written by others.

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During these sessions, we also shared videos that demonstrated “The Power of Language” in action.  From Kid President to Hiwot Adilow, students and teachers were impressed by the power of language.

One video we didn’t have time to finish watching was The Danger of a Single Story, a TED talk by Chimamanda Adichie. You can watch this powerful talk about language, literacy and the danger of having only a single story.

Finally, we wound up the week with the Language Week assembly, where students were presented with a video about Language Diversity at LIS.  This video was the result of a partnership between Ms. Katy, Ms. Chloe and several LIS students.

What was your favorite part of Language Week?

A Poet-Tree Grows in Luanda!

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Mr. Manuel has been working very hard over the last several days to put together a “Poet-Tree” for the Secondary Library and it has turned out quite nicely. Now all it is missing is some leaves of poetry!  If you have a favorite poem or poet, please come by to write it on a leaf and add your leaf to our Poet-Tree.  If you don’t have a favorite, come by anyway.  We’ve got poetry books out on display, and you can choose something from our collection.  This bulletin board and Poet-tree display is located next to Ms. Katy’s desk in the Secondary Library.