Book Review: And Then There Were None

“Ten little indians boys went out to dine;
One choked his little self, and then there were nine”.

AndThenThereWereNone10 characters.

A desert island.

A mysterious host.

That’s the setting of the Agatha Christie masterpiece, And Then There Were None. The plot of this amazing detective novel, which is the world’s best-selling mystery ever, has as its starting point a rhyme entitled “Ten Little Indians”. After being mysteriously invited by an unknown host to stay at a mansion on a deserted island, the ten guests are invited ​​to listen to a disc on which the voice of the owner of the house is recorded. The voice tells them that they were gathered there to expiate their crimes: in fact each of them is accused of a terrible crime for which they were never punished. It is with horror that, one by one, the characters in the house begin to die. And every death reflects a verse of the nursery rhyme…

The power of this novel lies in the suspense. In fact, as each character progressively dies, the circle of suspects narrows down and the tension rises. Trusting people becomes more and more dangerous and, as a macabre signal, each of the guests finds a copy of the rhyme in his room. Who’s going to be the next one? And, more important, under whose identity is the murderer hiding? But the writer manages to surpass herself. Clues, hidden symbols, amazing twists: Agatha Christie manages to write a finely crafted thriller where nothing is taken for granted and anything can happen.

If you like detective stories and thrillers, this is the book for you! Furthermore, several movies were made from the novel. The first film adaptation was in 1945 by director René SinitiniAvatarClair.  Even though the film is not the most recent, in my opinion, it is extremely well done and could be an excellent way to complement the reading of the book. – Thanks to Bianca S., Year 12 student, for writing this book review.


Kindle Connection: Book Tasting!

The coolest ASA in school for term 3 is the Kindle Connection, LIS’s very own eBook Club!  For our first meeting, you will have a “book tasting” where you explore several different samples to decide which book you will read first this semester.

Hungry For Books!

Hungry For Books!

Your choices are:

Artmeis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

Before you make your decision, read the descriptions above, watch the book trailers below and explore the samples on your Kindles.


Book Tasting Selection

Book Review: Across the Universe



AcrossTheUniverseCover“Across the Universe” is the first book in a gripping science-fiction trilogy by Beth Revis. In the novel, seventeen-year-old Amy is cryogenically frozen along with her parents so that they can endure a 300-year journey to a new Earth on the starship Godspeed. However, she is woken 50 years too soon. She then meets Elder, the future leader of the ship. Together, they join forces to find out who is responsible for unplugging the other cryogenically frozen passengers. This only leads them to a series of overwhelming lies, hidden for generations within the cold, metal walls of Godspeed.

Across the Universe is an enthralling tale of murder, mystery and action with a tinge of love. Beth Revis does an excellent job of bringing all of these elements to the table as well as truly immersing the reader in the atmosphere of the starship Godspeed.

Recommended for: Fans of science fiction, mystery and fast-paced action.

Want to try it? Check the book out from the LIS Secondary Library or purchase a Kindle copy on AmazonIf you liked “Across the Universe”, remember to check out “A Million Suns” and “Shades of Earth” the second and third installments in the Across the Universe trilogy.

– Thanks to Isabela C, Year 12 student, for writing this book review about Beth Revis’s Across the Universe. 

A Snapshot of the Library in Action on a Friday

Today was an amazing Friday in the LIS Secondary Library.  Here are a few photos from throughout our day. If you would like to see more photos of the LIS library community in action, visit our LIS Secondary Library – 180 Project.

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A Poet-Tree Grows in Luanda!

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Mr. Manuel has been working very hard over the last several days to put together a “Poet-Tree” for the Secondary Library and it has turned out quite nicely. Now all it is missing is some leaves of poetry!  If you have a favorite poem or poet, please come by to write it on a leaf and add your leaf to our Poet-Tree.  If you don’t have a favorite, come by anyway.  We’ve got poetry books out on display, and you can choose something from our collection.  This bulletin board and Poet-tree display is located next to Ms. Katy’s desk in the Secondary Library.

Lionboy – Review by Zoe

Lion Boy: The Chase

In Lionboy, there is a boy called Charlie. His parents are scientists. Charlie is no ordinary boy; he is a boy who can talk to cats, lions and maybe more. One day, Charlie’s parents aren’t home and Charlie is locked out of his house. The oldest, coolest kid in town, Ralfi, says that Charlie’s parents told Ralfi that Charlie should come with him. Ralfi is a kid that gets into lots of trouble, but everyone wants to be friends with him.

The stray cats tell Charlie that Ralfi is lying and that he has something to do with the disappearance of his parents. After sleeping half a night at Ralfi’s place with his door locked, Charlie gets up and escapes. When finally outside, Charlie heads out to find his parents, who he has heard are heading to Paris. When something unexpected happens, he joins the circus on water and gets a job with the lions. You will have to read this book to find out more!

The author writes well and explains in great detail. I would recommend this book to people who like animals and a book with a great adventure, but you need to read the whole series before the end is revealed! – Zoe B., Year 8 student

Want to know more? Watch this book trailer.

We’ve Got New Books!

The Secondary Library has received it’s first shipment of new books.  Come by and see our new books display!  We’ve got books from the Horrible Science series, the latest Ripley’s Believe or Not Special Edition 2012, and Matched (Ms. Katy’s most recent favorite!!!).  If you’re an art fan, Ms. Francesca made several special request last year and they’ve started showing up, including On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century and 200 Projects to Get You into Art School.

Below you can watch a short video to see a few of the new books that have arrived.  Want to see more? Visit the Secondary Library and check out a book for the weekend.

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