Book Review: I Am Number Four

“Three Are Dead”


Get ready for some sci-fi that will blow your mind! In this book we accompany one of Lorien’s chosen ones which were sent to earth to someday restore their planet and race. His name is Number 4, although we may know him as Daniel Jones or John Smith. He was sent to Earth along with 9 other Loriens, all who have special powers which will one day restore their earth. Only problem is that the race that attacked and exterminated most of their species, the Mogadorians, are looking for them. Thankfully one of the elders from Lorien cast a powerful protective spell that guaranties that they can only be killed in the order of their numbers. Number 1 was killed in Malaysia, Number 2 in England and Number 3 in Kenya. He is Number 4, and he is next…

I strongly recommend this book to all readers who enjoy action, sci-fi, mystery and romance. You can count on my word that this book will keep you entertained the whole time and that you will want to read it again, just for the pleasure. So if would like to see some alien butt being kicked (as well as some jerk’s butt), then this is the book for you.

AbelAvatarSince I believe that you will like this book a lot then I will recommend you read the rest of the series:

  • Book 1: I Am Number Four
  • Book 2: The Power of the Six
  • Book 3: The Rise of Nine
  • Book 4: The Fall of Five – Coming out in August of 2013

Note: This book is available at the library! You can also buy it for your Kindle or on iTunes.

– Review by Abel E., year 12


Book Review: Across the Universe



AcrossTheUniverseCover“Across the Universe” is the first book in a gripping science-fiction trilogy by Beth Revis. In the novel, seventeen-year-old Amy is cryogenically frozen along with her parents so that they can endure a 300-year journey to a new Earth on the starship Godspeed. However, she is woken 50 years too soon. She then meets Elder, the future leader of the ship. Together, they join forces to find out who is responsible for unplugging the other cryogenically frozen passengers. This only leads them to a series of overwhelming lies, hidden for generations within the cold, metal walls of Godspeed.

Across the Universe is an enthralling tale of murder, mystery and action with a tinge of love. Beth Revis does an excellent job of bringing all of these elements to the table as well as truly immersing the reader in the atmosphere of the starship Godspeed.

Recommended for: Fans of science fiction, mystery and fast-paced action.

Want to try it? Check the book out from the LIS Secondary Library or purchase a Kindle copy on AmazonIf you liked “Across the Universe”, remember to check out “A Million Suns” and “Shades of Earth” the second and third installments in the Across the Universe trilogy.

– Thanks to Isabela C, Year 12 student, for writing this book review about Beth Revis’s Across the Universe.