iMovie Tutorial: Add Music to your iMovie!

Are you working on your book trailer in iMovie?  Use our short tutorials to help you make your project fantastic!  We’ve already shown you how to add photos to your iMovie, so this screen cast will show you how to add music to your iMovie.    Check back here, as we are going to post more screen casts soon.

Adding Music to your iMovie


iMovie Tutorial – Add Photos to your iMovie

Are you working on your book trailer in iMovie?  Use our short tutorials to help you make your project fantastic!  This screen cast will show you how to start a new project and add photos to your iMovie.  Check back here, as we are going to post more screen casts soon.

You, Facebook and the World!

Image by Flickr user Jurgen Appelo -

Image by Flickr user Jurgen Appelo under a CC BY 2.0 license –

As some of you may have heard, Mr. Ali, Ms. Katy and Ms. Eleni gave a presentation to LIS parents on about Facebook.  We talked about the good, the bad and the ugly of Facebook, but we narrowed in on how they can help you make informed decisions about your privacy and sharing settings.

Next year we will be talking a lot more about social media in your homeroom classes.  This year, use the resources in this post to make sure that you are sharing what you want with who you want on Facebook. As you use Facebook and other social media sites, remember these five tips from Common Sense Media:

  • Think before you post or text — a bad reputation could be just a click away. Before you press the “send” button, imagine the last person in the world that you’d want seeing what you post.
  • What goes around comes around. If you want your privacy respected, respect others’ privacy. Posting an embarrassing photo or forwarding a friend’s private text without asking can cause unintended hurt or damage to others.
  • Spread heart, not hurt. If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it online. Stand up for those who are bullied or harassed, and let them know that you’re there for them.
  • Give and get credit. We’re all proud of what we create. Illegal downloading, digital cheating, and cutting and pasting other people’s stuff may be easy, but that doesn’t make it right. You have the responsibility to respect other people’s creative work — and the right to have your own work respected.
  • Make this a world you want to live in. Spread the good stuff. Create, share, tag, comment, and contribute to the online world in positive ways.

Resources on Facebook, Privacy and your Safety

Want help with your Facebook privacy settings?  Come see Ms. Katy in the secondary library.

Extended Essay: Creating and Sharing your Annotated Bibliography

Year 12 students, your Annotated Bibliography is due Tuesday, April 16th.  You may submit it to your supervisor, Mr. Rancic and Ms. Katy either as a Google Doc or through NoodleTools.  If you need help with submitting your annotated bibliography, come to Extended Essay office hours on Mondays from 3-4 pm in the secondary library.

If you want to submit it as a Google Doc, use the slides below to ensure that your sharing settings are set to:

  • Visibility Options: Anyone with the link
  • Access: Can Comment

If you want to submit it through NoodleTools, share your project with the assignment drop box titled “Extended Essay 2013-2014 [Ms. Katy]”.  Don’t yet have an account with NoodleTools? See the secondary library blog post Research with NoodleTools.  Need help navigating NoodleTools? Check out

If you need help with submitting your annotated bibliography, come to Extended Essay office hours on Mondays from 3-4 pm in the secondary library.

Getting Started with Glogster

Say “Good-Bye” to Glue Sticks and Scissors and “Hello” to Graphics, Thought Bubbles and Videos.  

Glogster is a social network that allows users to create interactive posters online. They look like a poster you hang on a classroom wall, but you can explore links, watch videos, listen to audio recordings and scroll text. The LIS Secondary LIbrary now has a GlogsterEdu account just for our students.  See Ms. Katy to sign up for an account and make your next poster a whole lot better.

Ready to make your first Glog?  Explore this Glogging Tutorial.


Tech Tuesday: Publish and Promote your iMovie

Tech Tuesdays

Tech Tuesdays

For our last in the Tech Tuesday iMovie series, we will look at how to export your iMovie, where to share it online and how to promote it so it will be seen by the people you care about.

License your Video

Use the Creative Commons Choose a License to generate a copyright license for your work. New to Creative Commons? Check out:

Finish Your Video

See Ms. Allan’s iMovieHowToGuide to follow two simple steps to finish your video: Share & Export. Or, if you want to publish it directly to YouTube, watch the video: Publish Your Project to YouTube.  If you have iMovie ’11, you can Publish to Several Video Sharing Sites. Your iMovie will export as a .M4v file, which can be watched using these programs.

Promote your iMovie and Yourself

Check out some Alternatives to YouTube:

  • Vimeo: They have a helpful video on Exporting to Upload for Vimeo with iMovie ’08 & ’09
  • Internet Archive: This site supports Creative Commons licensing and is generally awesome in its drive to build a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, they provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.
  • For serious video makers only (or perhaps the seriously unserious?). publishes original creative series works. You have to submit your series for publication consideration.
  • Veoh: Feeling restricted by YouTube’s entry level length limits? Veoh doesn’t have ’em!
  • Metacafe: If your video gets over 20,000 views, they pay you! Awesome. There is a limit of ten minutes on any upload.

Thanks to Mashable’s Zachary Sniderman for his article on 7 YouTube Alternatives & Why They Make Sense and Top Ten Review’s analysis of Metacafe.