Tech Tuesday: Padlet

PadletPadlet, (paper + wood + tablet, the stone ones), formally known as Wallwisher, has undergone an overhaul, an upgrade of sorts, but their missions remains the same;  “Easiest way to put something on the Internet, or as we like to say ‘write’ on the Internet.”  From creative writing, to posing thought provoking questions, initiating debates and many more uses.

Learn More About Padlet

Sample Padlets

Like it?  Then you should sign up for an account.


Getting Started with Glogster

Say “Good-Bye” to Glue Sticks and Scissors and “Hello” to Graphics, Thought Bubbles and Videos.  

Glogster is a social network that allows users to create interactive posters online. They look like a poster you hang on a classroom wall, but you can explore links, watch videos, listen to audio recordings and scroll text. The LIS Secondary LIbrary now has a GlogsterEdu account just for our students.  See Ms. Katy to sign up for an account and make your next poster a whole lot better.

Ready to make your first Glog?  Explore this Glogging Tutorial.


Extended Essay: Planning & Organizing Your Research

Research Process

Research Process

Are you a Year 12 Diploma student?

If the answer is yes, then over the last few weeks, you’ve started your Extended Essay research process.  You have been in the pre-search stage of your research process, where you explore potential topics and start thinking about who might be your advisor.  As you determine the focus of your research, it is important that you begin effectively collecting your resources and taking initial notes so you can access them later.

The resource we will be using for saving, annotating and sharing your research is the social bookmarking tool Diigo.

Want to learn more about Diigo? Watch these videos:

Today’s tasks:

Your subject area teachers and supervisors will be added to these groups, and we will ask them to support your research by adding relevant resources to these Diigo groups.  As you ask supervisors to work with you, they may ask to see your Diigo account so you can discuss the resources you’ve found so far.