Year 6: Transitions Wiki

Year 6 students  are currently researching transitions as part of their final Unit of Inquiry before moving onto the MYP.  As a year level, they will build a wiki to share their knowledge with the world.  Don’t know what a wiki is? Watch this Common Craft video called “Wikis in Plain English“.

Ready to start your research? Visit

Ready to start building your wiki? Go to your Year 6 Transitions Wiki:

Check back in three weeks to see our final products!


Research with World Book Encyclopedia Online

If you are just starting your research or have a basic understanding and need to delve deeper, World Book Encyclopedia is the resource for you.

World Book has

There are four editions, each with different targeted audiences.

World Book Advanced Years 10-13

WB Advanced Video Tutorial

World Book Student Years 7-9

Watch the WB Student Video Tutorial

World Book KidsYears 2-6

Watch the WB Kids Video Tutorial

World Book Espanol

World Book Espanol

Watch the WB Espanol Tutorial