Book Review: The Seventh Level

“Every step gets him closer to greatness or disaster.”


Brief Summary

The book talks about a seventh grader called Travis Raines who found an envelope in his locker that says he is being chosen to be part of this secret society in school called “The Legend”. He must solve puzzles and mysteries but one question is not answered: who is sending him the letters? Travis Raines is a troublemaker and not a very bright boy but Is he the one making all of those pranks?


I would recommend this book for people who like to read books about mysteries and solving puzzles and problems.

– Review by Year 8 Student, Marcelo Fernandes

This book, The Seventh Level, is available in the secondary library, call # FIC FEL.


Book Review – Don’t Call Me Ishmael

Cover Image from TitlePeek for educational purposes only

Welcome to our first student review on the LIS Secondary Library blog! Thanks to Nabeeha A., a Year 8 student at LIS, for writing about why Don’t Call Me Ishmael is a great read:

” ‘Don’t call me Ishmael!’ by Michael Gerard Bauer is a hilarious book for readers interested in humor. ‘Don’t call me Ishmael!’ is about a boy with the name Ishmael who is picked on and bullied because of his name. This book takes you through an unforgettable year of Ishmael’s embarrassing life. The book isn’t too long and will leave you laughing, despite the times when you just wish you could slap Ishmael and say ‘Why’d you do that?’ I enjoyed the book very much and I hope you do too.”

– Nabeeha, Year 8

Want to know more? Watch these videos below of Michael Gerard Bauer reading from the opening of his book….

and a Linkhorne Middle School student reviewing the book.